There’s that moment when you’re having sex and somebody walks in and switches the light on. Or singing at the top of your voice and somebody pauses the song to tell you you sang the wrong words. Yes, thats a much better example. Well I’m not talking about either of these things. What I’m actually here for is to talk about when you get the words bang on correct. That’s right, CORRECT. You just don’t understand the context or the cultural reference that is being made.

Welcome to my life: 99% informed and educated by The Simpsons.

For example, there’s a moment in The Simpsons’ Season 5 episode ‘Deep Space Homer’ where Homer Simpson finds himself in a moment of crisis on a space mission and the word from NASA is not to offer support but to go through with a prearranged broadcast of James Taylor singing to the ship over the communication feed. As he takes to the mic, he’s introduced and our idiot hero Homer says ‘Wow former President James Taylor!’.

James Taylor appears in The Simpsons

Now, I grew up watching The Simpsons and genuinely learnt a lot about American History doing so… But imagine my surprise when I found out the South Carolina singer in fact did not have a very successful career in politics?!

Hell, Regan was a movie star, right? Schwarzenegger was Governor of California, so I just thought this was like that. Nope, totally wrong. Just a joke.


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