Founded in 2015, we here at The Journalix have expanded our portfolio over the years to cover music, films, video games, books, art and theatre – and you will see even further expansion in the next 6 months.

We have a potential reach across all our publishing channels of over one million people per month. In 2024, we plan to push this even further with more exclusive content including:

  • behind-the-scenes features
  • interviews
  • event previews
  • live music and festival coverage
  • more movie reviews
  • more competitions

The Journalix targets a variety of readers, with our key audience of young professionals sharing interests like ours, and offer them an exciting and well-informed read.

Our aim is to provide local businesses the opportunity to grow and enhance their business without stretching the budget. Associating with The Journalix is the best way to maximise a company brand and online presence. Our statistics show that once our readers land on the front page of our website, they stay on the site and engage with many other articles, unlike many of our competitors.

There are a number of ways that we can offer opportunities for partnership through content marketing and sponsorship.


  • Sponsor a headline front page banner – prices start from £110
  • Promote within articles using block adverts – prices start from £40
  • Add advertorial and business spotlights (we can tailor to suit the needs of your business) – prices start from £60
  • Increase brand exposure by featuring in our live Insta-stories – prices start from £40

All our packages include a proactive organic social media campaign.

If we like the article, we will boost it on Twitter and Instagram to reach more people. We have the ability to provide a wide array of content – including a dedicated channel to live Insta-stories from the latest events. We are also currently exploring use of our YouTube channel and open to ideas to maximise our – and your – potential!


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