About Us

This website is based on a series of ramblings that references pop culture on overdrive. The dudes and dudettes that talk on here often sway off topic, but will always aim to please and impress with their knowledge and opinion.

They think their taste is impeccable but they are willing to be challenged. They may play devil’s advocate but it’s all with an open mind to find out if the last amazing film they saw / album they listened to / book they read is the greatest thing in the history of time, or whether there’s a new up-and-coming hit around the corner. Or maybe all of it is copied from something that was created years ago and we’re abouts to discover the original!

So sit back, relax and enjoy. Dip in and join in as and when you choose. We hope this entertains you for 10 minutes during down time, or maybe we can inspire a full blown rioting argument between you and a loved one sometime.



We are a team of three, come say hello!