Spoiler Alert
– Not the film Road Trip.

I’ve always loved the idea of taking a road trip across the big ol’ US of A. Ideally, the weather would be hot and I could get away with the same length stubble, the same jeans and the same scruffy t-shirt throughout my epic adventure, all the while maintaining a rather clean smell.

There’s some real romance to this idea, driving across dusky deserts like in Easy Rider or, to a much lesser extent, Dumb and Dumber. There’s nothing like a good greasy-spoon-cafe stopover, but be careful of how you speak to the locals there, Lloyd.

Comedian Dave Gorman wrote a book about doing this (America Unchained) and made a cool documentary in the process. There’s something particularly try-hard about a man setting himself up for some “hilarious” situations by taking on tasks like this but there’s no reason to turn your nose up to it because he really does capture the essence of what you’d hope to find on a journey like this.

Finally, Cass McCombs’ County Line would soundtrack the whole thing whilst driving your way home looking forward to meeting the roads you know and some familiar faces.

Cass McCombs – County Line, Wit’s End (2011)

Need I remind you, I am not recommending the film Road Trip.

That Cass McCombs track lends itself to a good summers day, much like this playlist of warm intros.

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