Laura Christopher is an up-and-coming artist we caught at this year’s BBC Introducing stage at The Big Feastival! With her sweet yet soulful voice accompanying original music, her talent is worth keeping an eye on this next 12 months as we predict she’ll be selling out stadiums soon! We had the pleasure of speaking to her as we neared the end of a tumultuous 2021 #FollowTheJ


THE JOURNALIX: How did you arrive at this point in time?

LAURA CHRISTOPHER: I have been singing for as long as I can remember, but started pursuing music 5 years ago when I put out my first YouTube video. Since then I have released 4 original songs, 2 music videos, performed at influencer events and the Big Feastival on the BBC Introducing stage. There is a lot more to come!


THE J: Who inspired you to be a musician?

LC: I wouldn’t say that anyone in particular inspired me to be a musician, I have just always sang/performed because it’s something that I love doing. That’s not to say that people haven’t inspired me along the way. I look up to artists artists like Adele, Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish, because of their sound, style and the fact that they are so unafraid to be themselves and push boundaries in such a harsh industry.

THE J: Which section would we find your CD in at HMV?

LC: Pop/Soul/Dance

THE J: How have you coped with the past 18 months?

LC: The past 18 months have been extremely hard for everyone, especially people who rely on events and in person contact. I have definitely taken advantage of the time off that I had towards the start of the pandemic. I used it to record covers, network online with other musicians, write music and establish my look and sound.

THE J: Would you say it was an opportunity to refine your craft?

LC: Of course my favourite part of singing is performing live and meeting people, but I found different ways to enjoy it throughout the pandemic. The time away from performing definitely allowed me to set clear goals and practice, practice, practice!


THE J: How did it feel to have your music played on BBC radio for the first time?

LC: Having my music played on BBC radio was surreal to me! I have grown up listening to those radio stations, so to hear my music and interviews on there was unreal! I am still so thankful and amazed every time they play my music, especially to know that they have supported such successful artists before.

THE J: How important is BBC Introducing as a platform for shining a light on local acts such as yourself?

LC: BBC Introducing is such a great platform for artists like myself to get heard by others. It can open so many doors to so many opportunities, things that can really set you up for the future.

THE J: What can you tell us about your latest song Afters?

LC: Afters is all about getting that regretful feeling the morning after a night out. Feeling hungover, having ‘the fear’ and wanting to get out the same old habit.

THE J: You have been high in praise of producer Toby Renwick – how important is that relationship between artist and producer?

LC: I think the relationship between an artist and producer is so so important. As an artist it’s so crucial for me to feel like I can fully trust in the producer to know that we’re on the same wave length, to feel like I can be open with all of my ideas and to feel comfortable. I find that ideas flow a lot better when you feel in a relaxed, creative environment.


THE J: The highlight of my year was attending the Big Feastival! Did you get your fair share of cheese?

LC: How amazing was the Big Feastival?! I had the best time and would love to do it all over again! I think I eat cheese way more than I realise. My favourites have got to be halloumi, spicy cheddar and brie. One of the best hangover cures is cheesy chips with gravy, sounds gross but it’s amazing!

THE J: Haha, I’ll take your word for it! Any plans to play Manchester next year?

LC: I’ve not played in Manchester yet but I’m hoping to very soon!

THE J: In pop culture, what has helped inform your sound?

LC: I wouldn’t say that this film and music informed my songs, but I would say that they reflect them. Film: The Other Woman. Music: Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, Lush Life by Zara Larsson, Paradise by RAY BLK, Belly Ache by Billie Eilish and Lonely by Noah Cyrus.


THE J: What does the future hold for Laura Christopher?

LC: The future for me is hopefully full of releasing more original music, performing live and achieving all of my goals! I take each year as it comes and set new goals for that year so that they’re achievable. I’m hoping COVID doesn’t restrict us as much as it has the past year, but we will have to wait and see! I know that in 2022 I want to release more music, perform at as many events as possible, continue uploading covers, perform at festivals, collabs and be played on BBC Radio One.

THE J: And finally, what are your plans for Christmas this year?

LC: This Christmas has been the same as most. I’ve spent it with family, eating lots of food and full of relaxation! It is the first year with our dog Franklin and my nephew, Charlie, which is very exciting. It’s been so nice to switch off for a few days and enjoy everyone’s company.

See you in 2022!

And Laura Christopher’s Afters appears in our Top 30 tracks from the year 2021. Check it out!