As we edge towards the Debug Indie Game Awards 2024 we have another exclusive interview lined up! This time it’s the developer of the hit platformer Doodle World! Nominated in the Retro World Award category…

THE JOURNALIX: Who are you and how did you come to develop a video game?

NATE PETERS: I am just a guy who wanted to attempt to make an NES game as a personal challenge. I do not have a background in game dev or marketing but a few years ago, NESMaker announced the first ByteOff competition and I felt it was a great time to dip my toes into the world of NES development.

I based the entire premise of the game on my daughter’s drawings and doodles. She assisted throughout the entire design process. Coming up with level ideas, characters and playstyle. The games feature a “Kids Mode” that is an easier version of the game for younger players. During playtesting she would complain that the game was difficult, so we added “Kids Mode” for anyone looking for less of a challenge.


THE J: Is this a fulltime job for you? And if not, is that the aim?

NATE PETERS: No it is not, this is strictly a hobby that got out of hand and grew legs. I enjoy making games and will continue to in my free time.

THE J: There are Super Mario Bros. 3 vibes – not a bad thing at all! But how do you ensure you’re not copying what are obviously still great ideas?!

NATE PETERS: Today it can be difficult to design a platformer without including elements of past platformers. I am flattered that it would be compared to SMB3! I grew up playing NES platformers and consider the Doodle World series a love letter to those past games.


THE J: The Nintendo Switch seems to be the port of choice these days for indies, why do you think this is?

NATE PETERS: The Switch is such a great console and the attach rate is massive. It seems like everyone has one. Nintendo is very friendly with indie devs and porting to the Switch just makes sense.


THE J: We love the Evercade port, who approached who to make that happen?

NATE PETERS: I was approached by Napoleon of Nape Games. He originally had the idea of putting together a collection of Indie titles for the Evercade. Since it’s release I have really grown to love the system and what Blaze is doing with it’s ecosystem. Evercade players and fans are the best!


THE J: There’s an expansion available… Are there further developments in the works? Or even a sequel?

NATE PETERS: I am currently working on a sequel, Doodle World 2. I am hoping for a release this year.

THE J: What does it mean to get a nomination at this year’s Debug Awards?

NATE PETERS: I was truly humbled. It is a huge honor to be nominated and I am still grasping with the reality of it.


THE J: What will you do if you win?

NATE PETERS: Honestly I am not sure. I am not expecting to win, but will be truly honored if I do.

THE J: What does the future hold for you in gaming?

NATE PETERS: To continue to develop the “Doodleverse” but also branch out into other genres. I have a few ideas that I would love to bring to light.