After discussing all things Asterix, we delve back into the wonderfully French brain of our friend Enzo! This time, we needed more Daft Punk information and context to the mysterious duo. Let’s be clear – we love Daft Punk. Such a prolific group who had the balls to retire whilst still at the very top of their game, and at the peak of their success. But where the hell did they come from? Where the hell have they gone? All this, and more…


Q: How long have you been a fan of Daft Punk?

A: I always listened to Daft Punk because my friends and family loved this band! I think my first listening dates back to 2000. One of my favorite sounds is still “Giorgio” because I really loved the twist between techno and funk/house. It’s amazing really the energy in that track.


Q: Daft Punk embraced the idea of being more than just music, with a distinct style but also the time they invested collaborating on the visuals with music directors. How important was this to their success?

A: Daft Punk are artists who manipulate and master several arts. Their investment in visual art is incredible and very well managed. In fact, they have always been one step ahead of the rest, whether it’s in their musical style or in their visual performances.

Q: What did the robot helmets represent to you? Was this a statement about their personality or just cool headwear?

A: In my interpretation of things, this really means a lot. What I am going to say now is only the object of my analysis so it is possible that I am going too far in my reflection. First of all, it is a way to differentiate oneself and to be different of course. In addition to that it is also a way to remain anonymous and therefore it is a symbol of freedom for them because finally thanks to this accessory they are free to have the life they want.


Q: We read Jean-Michel Jarre is cited as an influence on the band… Would you recommend?

A: I’m not a fan because it’s not necessarily from my time but of course I recommend it! He is one of the pioneers of electronic music! And then visually, I think he is one of the first to have created shows like that! We can only admire his work.


Q: The music still sounds fresh and new even today. Is that down to the quality of the music or are we just getting old?

A: I think it’s due to the quality of the music. Whether it is the sound quality or the artistic quality. Again, they were always ahead of their time. Technically and artistically speaking, they are years ahead of their time!

Q: We loved Interstella 5555 and the ambition of the project, so brilliantly executed with Toei Animation. The next natural step would surely have been to produce a Daft Punk video game, wouldn’t you agree…?

A: It would have been just incredible… I don’t even have the words to imagine such a project! But I still wonder if this is not a whole different story. The art of video games requires a real experience and a real thought, totally different from other arts. Would they have been able to surround themselves well enough to propose something original and unexpected? That would have been a real challenge.

Q: This is a general question of pop culture in France but I’m curious to know more about their heavy use of the English language? Is this for global appeal or is this a common trait in French media?

A: All artists with the ambition to be recognized abroad offer lyrics in English, with a few exceptions! Moreover, one should not forget the real break that there was between France and Daft Punk. I have the impression that they never really recovered from having been so rejected in France at their beginning…

Q: How are Daft Punk considered in France these days?

A: I’m going to make a generalisation, but many French people are proud of them and also sad not to be able to enjoy their gift anymore!


Q: What was the peak-moment in the career of Daft Punk, for you? Either a change in their success, a song/album or a crowning glory moment?

A: If I have to speak objectively, I think their Coachella concert was totally revolutionary. I mean, nobody had done what they did and I think it had a real impact on the whole world. If I have to give my personal opinion, I think that their change of atmosphere and sound since Random Access Memories is a turning point that I like!

Q: As a fan of the group were you in favour of their popularity and mainstream success (collaborating with Pharrell/Coca-Cola endorsements) or did you prefer underground, lesser-known Daft Punk?

A: I love both sides! Because even in their mainstream sound, they manage to keep their identity and they always bring value to the artist they collaborate with.


Q: Have Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter been able to stay relatively unknown or are their personal lives in the tabloids in France?

A: What is totally crazy is that they are part of the biggest French stars of all time but they managed to have no personal information revealed throughout their career! it is very strong!

Q: Can you recommend any other French artists who have been influenced by the work of Daft Punk that we may not yet have heard of? Would Justice be a fair comparison?

A: This is exactly the group I was going to tell you about! The first comparison I can think of is Justice! The image I have in mind is that Daft Punk were the parents of Justice. They educated them and then they took off!


Q: Are they officially retired now? There are rumours they are still working but separately – do you have any information on this?

A: Unfortunately I don’t have any information about this and I’m really sad about it…

Q: Do you think we’ll ever see them return to make new music together again?

A: I hope so from the bottom of my heart… They’re making us feints too because a while ago they launched a live on twitch with an old reddifusion concert haha… I hope to have the opportunity one day to see them live. It’s one of my dreams! Since I was little I tell my parents “if one day Daft Punk comes back to Europe, I’ll do everything to go there. I’d even take out a loan” haha

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