It is sometimes an unfair criticism that despite the obvious musical talent, dominance of the music charts across the globe and awards, Coldplay’s Chris Martin is not considered amongst the greatest lyricists in modern times. But often the simplicity of his work is his greatest charm. Lines such as “Your skin and bones turn into something beautiful” and “Am I a part of the cure?/Or am I part of the disease?” will be immortlised in the hall of fame. But there is definitely a theme amongst his work. For COLDPLAY = WATER.

Yes, water in all of it’s forms is a bit of an obsession for Mr Martin. He’s not the first artist to do so* but arguably the most successful. And we’ve put together a playlist for you to prove the point. We’ll tease you with the first couple but the promo for Don’t Panic (yes, they also seem to have a passion for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) is basically a science lesson about the water cycle. But the rest are not as tedious, we promise. In chronological order:


Don’t Panic (Parachutes – 2000)

Bones sinking like stones…

Spies (Parachutes – 2000)

And the spies came out of the water…

Crests of Waves (Clocks B-side – 2003)

Moses (Live in Sydney) (Coldplay Live – 2003)

Like Moses has power over sea
So you’ve got power over me

Swallowed in the Sea (X&Y – 2005)

Pour Me (Live at the Hollywood Bowl) (Fix You B-side – 2005)


Glass of Water (Prospekt’s March – 2008)

Rainy Day (Prospekt’s March – 2008)

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Mylo Xyloto – 2011)

Oceans (Ghost Stories – 2014)

Cry Cry Cry (Everyday Life – 2019)

* East 17? Google it…

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