If you don’t know, we’re Manchester born and bred, writing about films, music, books, videogames & pretty much any form of art we feel worth celebrating. Above all where these topics crossover, we’re here for it! So we’re looking at arty music. In other words, where musicians are closely associated with famous artists or a particularly art movement…


I’m Waiting for the Man – The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

Andy Warhol produced the music in addition to providing the album cover.


Country House – Blur (The Great Escape – 1995)

Personal friend Damien Hirst directed the arty video.


Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles (Revolver – 1966)

Artist Klaus Voormann was the first to have the Beatles haircut back in Hamburg. Moreover he designed this artwork in addition to later joining Lennon in the Plastic Ono Band.


Going Down – The Stone Roses (Made of Stone b-side – 1989)

Jackson Pollock’s No. 5 is not only name-checked here, but also his drip painting style clearly inspired the debut album cover art. In conclusion, a huge influence on John Squire.


The Changingman – Paul Weller (Stanley Road – 1995)

Peter Blake provides the artwork here & he’s worked with many acts over the years…

For instance, the list includes the famous 1984 Band Aid single! But, like most things, it all began with The Beatles because of Blake’s reputation following what is possibly the most iconic album art of all-time: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Us And Them – Pink Floyd (The Dark Side of the Moon – 1973)

This iconic album cover came courtesy of British designers Hipgnosis. Dave Gilmour called them his “artistic advisors”.


What the Water Gave Me – Florence + the Machine (Ceremonials – 2011)

Named after viewing this 1938 painting by Frida Kahlo, of the same name.


Analyse – Thom Yorke (The Eraser – 2006)

Stanley Donwood has provided all the artwork for Radiohead since The Bends based on a particularly close working relationship with Thom Yorke. And so it was no surprise he did the same for this solo effort.


Shadowplay – Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures – 1979)

Peter Saville is probably known best for his work with Factory Records… After that Saville has continued to be in high demand, so take a trip to our Instagram for more: Pulp, Duran Duran, Suede, Roxy Music to name but a few!