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With the release of The Lumineers’ third album, aptly titled III, and the recent promo videos for Gloria and Donna amongst others, we took it upon ourselves to create a playlist of songs with girls names in the title. It’s as simple as that. But rather than just throw a few inspirations at you if you happen to be expecting, let’s back this up with the stories behind those names. It’s Alix in the driving seat – let’s go!


A beautiful love song from the late, great Phil Lynott to his young daughter Sarah. It’s tragic that we lost such a talent to drink and drugs and even more devastating to think of those he left behind.


This was a selection of ours for the TOP 30 SONGS OF 2018 playlist, such a wonderful tune inspired by the wonderful Patti Smith: But who is she to Florence?

I’ve always loved her and it was actually through her writing that I feel I really got to know her. She writes about life in such a beautiful way that it seems to endow even the smallest things with a sense of spirituality or reverence. Whether it’s going to the coffee shop or what you eat for breakfast in the morning. She kind of elevates everything and it was like a little north star to follow as like how to have a creative life as a whole.


No real reason or rhyme behind this one. OK, maybe rhyme. Apparently the boys had been going through a horror movie phase hence the video. Mary was developed from the idea of her being a psychiatrist you go along and try to “freak out, be really nasty and horrible… more psychological than hurtful”. Freaky.


The lyrics of the song were inspired by a family member, but I doubt she is called Gloria. It tells the tale of a woman gripped by addiction and the usual turmoil such an illness brings.


No direct inspiration has been revealed for this one. Described in the liner notes of the album as “punkadelia” suggests that despite their jazz roots, Fagen and Becker were inspired by the spirit of the 70s. Much as the lyrics hints to when Josie comes home.

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