Fear not! We’re here to save your miserable year with a timely reminder of all the great music you missed in 2022! We’ve even gone as far as making a playlist on Spotify for you to save into your library…


It says a list of 30 when in truth we keep adding until the end of time. Take a listen!


Everything’s Electric – Liam Gallagher

ALIX: There was noting more satisfying to my ears than the line “superficial feeling” coming from the mouth of Liam Gallagher. Add to this his continued successful return to the limelight and bonus of a collaboration with none other than Dave Grohl and you could argue this was a song for the ages.

This Is Why – Paramore

JONI: I have always held Paramore at arms length. I wasn’t emo enough to get into them from the beginning and then rolled my eyes at their credentials when ever they were brought into any conversation debating who are the best live band in the world at the moment. But it’s hard to ignore good quality. Her voice is exquisite and it was interesting hearing about the relationships within the band, it kind of adds weight to their music. Also, I found similarities with this song and the ageless Erase/Rewind by The Cardigans, in both song structure and execution, don’t you think? We’re 3 years on now since the global pandemic but I too still suffer with anxiety leaving the house.

2am – Foals

UNA: It’s been a purple patch for this 5-piece. There hasn’t been much I’ve not loved coming out of them going back as far as 2012’s Inhaler? The prolific streak continues with this one.

Turn Up The Sunshine – Tame Impala + Diana Ross

ALIX: You can read all about this right here!

Songbird – Fleetwood Mac

UNA: In tribute to the loss of Christine McVie in 2022, the ultimate funeral song, a beautifully composed tune and covered countless times to much success/ But we’ve always preferred the original…