“And now, the end is near…” Well it’s already passed but we still need to make time for our annual look back on the previous 12 months! That’s right – our writers Una, Alix and Joni have finally agreed on what our top 30 songs of 2019 looks like. The usual rules are for no repeating artist, the song has to have been released in some sort of format or made a significant contribution to popular culture in the past year. But there is no order to this. Don’t stress – but do let us know if there’s an omission you’re feeling aggrieved about!

Here goes…


01. Exits – Foals (Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 – 2019)

Album of the year? A very special double-album, probably the most innovative band right now.

02. The Great Escape – The Lathums

Cool band, bro.

03. Juice – Lizzo

Lizzo made headlines for the wrong reasons. What I mean is – this is great music, she’s a genius, a brilliant performer, and that’s all that matters. Making history as a black solo female artist. With great humour too, but take this seriously and enjoy!

04. Your Girlfriend – Blossoms (Foolish Loving Spaces – 2020)

Album 3 has estahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRnDkv1Hka8blished this band as real legends of the game now. 3 very important LPs which I expect we’ll be paying to see played live in 50 years time. Their homecoming gig at Stockport County’s Edgeley Park was our gig of 2019 with the Plaza not far behind. This song graced your radio station, no matter what you tune into…

05. Easy Peeler – Phoebe Green

06. Heavy Jacket – Courteeners (More. Again. Forever. – 2020)

I love The Courteeners. I really do. So I feel I can talk about the awkward transitions in their songs. Only Liam Fray can configure such a thing and pull it off with the swagger and swing he does. Belting tune this one…

07. Neighbours – ARGH KiD (2019)

Read our interview with the Manchester poet right here

08. One Of Us – Liam Gallagher

Did you really think he was done for? Bollocks, man.

09. Talk – Two Door Cinema Club

10. Endless Lovers – The Night Café (0151 – 2019)


11. My Honest Face – Inhaler

It’s a little unnerving how much lead singer Elijah sounds like his Dad Bono. Despite your opinion of the man, it’s gorgeous, a brilliant song echoing 80’s vibes.

And if you didn’t know already, the video was shot by friend of the band Anais Gallgher.

12. Mother – The Amazons (Future Dust – 2019)

13. Never Let You Go – Georgia

We thought we had an interview lined up with Georgia earlier in the year but it never happened. We’ll let it go though, and this is a great song…

14. Your Light – The Big Moon

We DID end up interviewing The Big Moon!

15. Lucy – Ten Tonnes

16. The End (MTV Unplugged) – DMA’s

17. Fishing – Sports Team

18. Not The News – Thom Yorke (Anima – 2019)

If you haven’t already, go watch the Netflix collaboration with Paul Thomas Anderson. And Nigel Godrich, of course.

19. Empires – Elbow

Hypersonic Missiles – Sam Fender (Hypersonic Missiles – 2019)


21. Borderline – Tame Impala

22. Go – The Black Keys

23. Love As You Want It – LOAstate (2019)

Read our interview with the new kids on the block right here

24. Dream To Weave – James Walsh

25. Next To You – Supergrass

So so happy for their return! We want MORE!

26. Black Star Dancing – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Probably the best video of the year, for a song that really didn’t stick at first. It sounded too formulaic but I came to really love it. You can’t deny the man’s talent for writing good music, and it was a song made for the summer – with great memories from his Heaton Park gig!

27. This Life – Vampire Weekend

28. I Will Stay – Flux Pavilion, Turin Brakes

29. Moderation – Florence + the Machine

30. Maybe California – The Snuts


There are some honourable mentions included in the playlist below, so treat your ears and get it now:


So those are the best songs of 2018 and if you liked them, why not to check out our lists from previous years, right here!