Today The Journalix is looking at The Beatles references in Oasis songs. We’re calling it THE OASIS BEATLES PLAYLIST! Clever, huh?


Supersonic – Oasis (Definitely Maybe – 1994)

Not the only Yellow Submarine reference from Oasis. A strong start to this love affair.

? You can sail with me in my yellow submarine ?

D’you Know What I Mean? – Oasis (Be Here Now – 1997)

Two famous Beatles tracks are name-checked here:

? Fool on the Hill and I Feel Fine ?

All Around The World – Oasis (Be Here Now – 1997)

Oasis would argue themselves that they were running out of ideas and of their own identity here. We’ll just copy a link to the music video and you can see for yourself for a Yellow Submarine-style promo…

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis ((What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – 1995)

Like John and Yoko, Noel vowed to…

? Gonna start a revolution from my bed ?


Helter Skelter – Oasis (Who Feels Love? b-side – 2000)

They covered the track in 2000 but perhaps more importantly a Sony subsidiary used for European releases by Oasis named after Paul’s rocking track from The White Album.

Helter Skelter Records


I’m Outta Time – Oasis (Dig Out Your Soul – 2008)

Oasis actually managed to have John Lennon feature on an Oasis record, using a sample from one of John Lennon’s final interviews ? – it also goes without saying that Liam Gallagher named his son Lennon…

Morning Glory – Oasis ((What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – 1995)

More Lennon influence in the lyrics of this one and you can hear similarities between The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows and Noel’s collaboration with The Chemical Brothers; Setting Sun from 1996.

? Tomorrow Never Knows what it doesn’t know too soon ?

Live Forever – Oasis (1994)

With a picture of John Lennon’s home “Mendips” on the sleeve, where he lived with his Aunt Mimi.

I Am The Walrus – Oasis (Cigarettes & Alcohol b-side – 1994)

The greatest cover version of any song ever? Probably…

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