The Futureheads are back in Manchester and we are here to interview them! They are bringing their new electric album Powers (“Judas!”) to the Ritz on Sunday 15th December alongside their much-loved self-titled debut 15 years on since it was first released, it promises to be a very special gig. We caught up with Barry Hyde (lead vocals) and Ross Millard (guitar) ahead of it all… Tickets are still available!


Powers’ is your first electric album in a decade and it was Manchester where Bob Dylan was called “Judas!” for committing such a crime. There could be a backlash…!

The Futureheads: Electric guitars can come in very handy when dealing with such flagrant opinionation. A whack on the head would make any individual come to a more reasonable attitude. Especially when considering I paid extra to Gordon Smith for an extra heavy mahogany body for my guitar ‘The Hammer’.

We’ve been asking for people’s assessment’s on the past decade as we approach the end of 2019. Does new song ‘Jekyll’ sum it up for you?

The Futureheads: Jekyll is about societies propensity to gravitate towards animalistic behaviour. So unfortunately, erm, yes.

‘Listen Little Man’ was inspired by Wilhelm Reich’s book of the same name – would you recommend it as a good read?

The Futureheads: Well, it’s a better read than some of his other books, such as ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’ and the jolly little number ‘The Murder of Christ’ in comparison, ‘Listen Little Man’ is like reading Lynda La Plante.


Your shows have always been high energy – 15 years on since your debut, how do you maintain such energy?

The Futureheads: Having an empty stomach helps. Especially if the empty stomach lasts for a fortnight leading up to a gig!

Did you make a conscious decision at the beginning to keep your accent prominent in your delivery?

The Futureheads: Not so much about Sunderland, more about being genuine really. It was common, perhaps still is, for people to sign in broad phoney accents. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!


Is it true Kate Bush left you a voicemail to approve the cover of Hounds of Love as you were too scared to take the call?

The Futureheads: In fact, we were out when she rang but it is also true that we were terrified to answer that phone when we found out she was going to call us! The notation of speaking to such a legendary person did fill us with a sense of fear and unworthyness!

Which songs from your debut are you looking forward to returning to?

The Futureheads: ALL OF THEM!


Have you played the O2 Ritz before in Manchester? (It has a bouncing dancefloor if you don’t already know!)

The Futureheads: No, but Barrowlands has a bouncing dancefloor and it was always great to play there. Perhaps our audience may have matured beyond ‘bouncing’ though, I look forward to finding out.

We’re very proud of our musical heritage here in Manchester. Who are your Mancunian musical heroes from over the years?

The Futureheads: Joy Division and Simply Red.


What does 2020 hold for The Futureheads?

The Futureheads: New music, some touring, festivals. Standard optimal Futureheads behaviour. Barry has become the landlord of a beautiful grade II listed building in Sunderland City centre called The Peacock (which is apt because he’s a show off) so he will also be making lots of scotch eggs.

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