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Tea Stories: Japan – a picture-led tea connoisseur’s book. Great for your coffee table – sorry TEA table – and gives you an authentic insight into Japanese tea culture. Every page offers a perfect way to slow down, sit back… And relax!

The author of the book is Ausra Burg, who owns a tea boutique; My Cup of Tea in Soho, London. Tea Stories: Japan is filled with vivid tales about Japanese tea evolution. You can follow the narration through the eyes of individuals who harvest and process tea. People who generally travel the world of specialty tea every single day. A surprising feature are the tea-related recipes accompany the stories.

This book will appeal to people interested in Japan and its culture and to readers curious about specialty tea. But both those who know very little about Japanese tea and want to learn more and those who want to dig deeper into this captivating subject will be enthralled too.


Ausra Burg is the founder of My Cup of Tea. Established in 2008.

Her desire is to spread her passion for excellent quality tea. Her obvious appreciation for world tea cultures informs her travels to Japan every year. She works closely with tea makers, ceramicists, and other Japanese artisans. With a flagship tea shop in the heart of bustling Soho, today the company is sourcing and blending teas from around the world. They seek working relationships with tea makers of many generations who share her commitment to quality. Burg regularly hosts tastings, workshops, and events at the London tea shop. Her aim is to impart her knowledge and enthusiasm for tea customs, history, and taste.

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