Guitarists such as Derek Trucks, Gary Clark Jr and even Joe Bonamassa are filling up concert halls and arenas across the world. Even though these may be giants in the music business, there are so many up-and-coming blues artists and bands that are keeping the scene alive. As blues rarely features in the mainstream market, the artists are becoming harder and harder to find. That’s why we have created this guide, so you can find out who the top modern blues artists are to follow in 2023…

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Iceland isn’t a country known for the blues… But it is safe to say that Kaleo is here to change that! They released their album A/B in the year 2016 and this was a huge success. Their top single, which is Way Down We Go went platinum and they were able to sell over one million copies across the world.

They then had a pretty packed touring schedule with the highlight being at Lollapalooza. Their album has a lot of intense riffs, and they are also known for their slow melodic guitar lines. They even have a track which is sung entirely in Icelandic, which is unique to say the least. You can follow this band on social media, or by checking out some of their top tracks on YouTube.

MODERN BLUES – Marcus King Band

It takes a lot of skill to be able to play the blues in such a way, that it resonates with a mainstream audience. The Marcus King Band are able to fuse together blues and soul, in a way that helps to bring a lot of balance between catchy melodies and guitar solos. Their playing is incredibly fast. And it helps to showcase all of the sophisticated styles that blues is known for. It has also become very popular with modern players too. The Marcus King band are gaining a lot of steam, and the singer has such a unique vocal style too. Right now, he is set to become the next big thing and it’s no surprise to see that he has a number of achievements under his belt already.

MODERN BLUES – The Thomas Heppell Band

Thomas Heppell is from Berkshire, and he performs jazz, blues and rock covers.

He has a number of his own compositions, and he has been singing and playing for over ten years now. There was a great performance on The Voice. He’s also had the honour of playing with Chicken Shack. He’s able to get your foot stomping with some great classics. Not to mention that he is always happy to pump out some familiar favourites. In the year 2022, he was able to support Mike Mayfield, Robin Bibi and Anton Du Beke. If you want to hire him for an event? Then the best thing you can do is hire him through The Music Agency London.


With so many blues artists hitting the mainstream this year it is safe to say that there is no shortage of talent. If you follow the blues artists listed above then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find your next musical obsession.