INTI is the Manchester born multi-instrumentalist Mike Woodward. After establishing himself in the music industry as a session drummer and working on tours with the likes of Phoenix, London Grammar and Bipolar Sunshine he found his homegrown Manchester sound, fused with touches of post punk and new wave, which at the same time embraces the halcyon days of the 70/80s hedonistic pursuits.

With not enough information out there about this exciting new project, through the power of the internet we reached out to learn more. This is INTI…


J: You’re known as INTI – what else might you go by?

INTI: Well, my nickname is Woody and my family call me Mike!

J: Is INTI an acronym?

INTI: INTI is the name the Incan civilisation gave to the Sun God. So kinda like the Bringer of Light. Do you know the sun you see on the Argentine and Peruvian flags? That’s INTI.

J: How did you end up here? Did you study music?

INTI: Good question! I’ve played in bands for years and years on the Manchester music scene, although I’ve never actually studied music academically – just the basic theory. I started playing piano and violin around the age of 5, which then progressed onto guitar, bass and then finally drums too. After playing as a session drummer for various named artists I took a sabbatical in Lyon, France, where I began to write and learn how to produce, via Ableton Live. I wrote a load of songs and moved back to Manchester to record and produce them properly, and here I am.

J: How old are you?

INTI: I’m 34 – (I use good moisturiser ha!)


J: There’s a real retro vibe to your sound, who are your inspirations?

INTI: Yes there is. My inspirations vary across numerous decades though from the past to the present. I’d say Bernard Sumner of New Order/Joy Division – it’s no easy job being the founding member of two hugely influential bands and his use of sequencers and synths has been hugely influential.

Nile Rodgers of Chic is another, not only being a major player in the creation of disco as a genre but also for the incredible amount of albums he’s written and produced for other artists! Julian Casablancas can be credited with making me want to pursue a life in music though, ever since purchasing and hearing that first Strokes EP in February 2001 as a 16 year old kid!

I am also inspired outside of music too, looking to social and cultural commentary and the writings of Osho; specifically his book Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously. Akala’s lectures, speeches and books. However, one book that has inspired me beyond anything else is Origin of Inspiration by Samuel Adoquei – I can’t recommend this enough if you’re looking for some inspiration!

J: Would you categorise yourself as synthwave?

INTI: Not necessarily synthwave although I do use various synths in all my tracks. I’d say more post punk/new wave, I’m not a fan of pigeon-holing music into a specific genre!


J: Are you Manchester born and bred?

INTI: I certainly am Manchester born and bred although I have toured and travelled extensively worldwide and lived in France, Manchester is my base, my home.

J: You’ve launched your music during lockdown – how are you coping?

INTI: I’m coping rather well during lockdown. I’m petty much in self isolation most of the time writing and recording tracks so it’s been easy really! Although I do worry for those whose mental health has been affected during the lockdown and it’s something that needs addressing once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

J: When normality returns which venues would you wish to play?

INTI: I’m lucky enough to have played at most of the venues Manchester has, some that are no longer with us anymore. One I haven’t played though (due to not playing live for over 5 years!) is YES. Manchester has been crying out for a multi purpose venue with all the needs of punters accommodated in-house and YES perfectly provides this – I also want to know what my tracks sound like coming through their sensational sound system too!

I think it’s important to highlight though that because of this pandemic and lockdown restrictions, a lot of venues are going to struggle to exist. It’s imperative that musicians and artists stand by the venues and hep to keep them in existence. Music venues are the catalyst and meeting points for the sharing of ideas and to me, are a sign of a healthy, cultural city.


J: What would be your dream collaboration?

INTI: Wow, where do I start!? I don’t think this would ever be possible but I’d love to write/record an EP with Kevin Parker and Julian Casablancas; a slamming slice of psychedelic retro new wave that’s co produced by Rick Rubin and Dan Carey.

J: Can we expect an album soon?

INTI: You can expect numerous albums at some point but for the time being, as a new artist, I’m releasing singles with a view to releasing an album sometime in 2021.

J: What does the future hold for INTI?

INTI: Although I write and record the tracks by myself at the moment, I do have a live band made up of some incredible musicians and a sensational producer, Simon Lyon, who as well as being a kind of guru to me, has helped massively in taking these songs from the studio to the stage. So now the rehearsal spaces are beginning to open again, the future is all about rehearsing the songs and getting them ready for the monstrous live show I have waiting in the wings…


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