Admittedly, I had low expectations for this gig but boy can Jesse Dayton PLAY! Undeterred by a small crowd he brought Manchester’s Night People to life on a cold Wednesday evening.


This was an energetic show from Dayton and his tight backing band. A 3-piece which included a swinging bass and polished drum beat, they can all certainly play! But with great music they brought great personality with humourous tales told in between the songs taken from his latest covers album. We heard how he came to play with Johnny Cash and his experience attending his first gig as a kid seeing drunken rockabilly star George “The Possum” Jones. But you can’t help but be impressed by his charm, wit and ultimately his raw talent with a guitar in his hands.

You can see for yourself!


I don’t know if I can honestly recommend his albums, you’d have to be a fan of Country music. But next time he’s in town I insist you hand over your hard earned cash to see him live. Seriously, he’s got all the attributes of a rock and roll star.


With his jet black hair and cowboy boots, he probably belongs in a Tarantino movie somewhere. Credit to the punter kept buying Jesse and the band whiskey, even interupting a song at one point, as it all went hand-in-hand with his persona and you could tell he enjoyed himself here tonight. We all did.


He even blew away my last bit of cynicism towards his statement early on that he was a fan of Manchester music, by sharing a genuine love of Johnny Marr and topped the night off with The Clash’s Bankrobber which was in fact recorded at Manchester’s Pluto Studios. And if you want to believe it there’s a story that a very young Ian Brown attended the original recording session with Joe Strummer and co. Anyway, back to Jesse Dayton – we do like recommendations so it’s worth taking note of Outlaw Country Radio, which Jesse himself says is the best place to catch your Country music these days. I’m probably not gonna but by all means, take heed!

For our UK followers, check out his tour schedule, you won’t be disappointed!


Jesse Dayton is on tour now:


1st June Euston, Norfolk – Red Rooster Festival

2nd June London Half Moon Putney

4th June Sheffield The Greystones

5th June Manchester Night People

6th June Witney – Fat Lils

7th June London Sebright Arms

20th July Kent Ramblin Man Festival

21st July Newcastle Summertyme Festival

22nd July Bristol Rivertown Festival

23rd July Winchester The Railway

24th July Nottingham Venue TBC

25th July – Leicester The Musician

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