We here still love Matt Groening’s sci-fi toon Futurama… Hell, we even seeked out Wes Archer to talk all about it! But read on for our favourite top 10 moments from the show!


New New York

When you have the city in the state of the same name, adding another “New” to the title makes a lot of sense from a comedy perspective. The idea that the first one was trashed so badly they built a new one over the top is the perfect example of Futurama’s more cynical outlook of how the future might look. But it’s not all bleak…

Rabbi Dr. John A. Zoidberg (voiced by Billy West)

We absolutely adore Zoidberg and in Episode 1 he is introduced to show how integrated aliens are in Earth’s society. Forward thinking and positive vibes from here on in…

Fry and the Slurm Factory (Season 1)


Fry’s blessed pup…

Jurassic Bark (Season 5)

He even made our TOP 10 CARTOON DOGS list!

Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee (Season 4)

Fry’s stupidity at it’s comical best! We’ve all thought about trying it – just goes to show just how powerful coffee can be!


Do you see Nibbler’s shadow?

The What-If? Machine

It’s Futurama’s version of “Treehouse of Horror” which basically gives the writers and animators to do whatever they like outside the usual confines of consistency and believability. And it usually pays off…

Did You Know?

Zapp Brannigan…

The unofficial brother of Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz, Phil Hartman was due to voice the part before his passing. In honour of his brilliance, the super talented Billy West picked up the part.

More Simpsons!

References to The Simpsons…

The Lost Episode!

It feels quite fitting that for all the Futurama geeks out there, many will have missed a whole new episode that was released in 2003 but not broadcast. In order to enjoy it you had to own a copy of the official game on PS2 or Xbox. It’s an original script with cut scenes and all the usual delights including voice acting from all the original cast. And copies these days are creeping up in price in the gaming market…

“Good news everyone!”

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