Joni200One of my favourite comedies of all-time is Knocked Up (2007) directed by Judd Apatow, the story of a typical bum of a bachelor Ben Stone whose unlikely ‘romantic’ encounter with beautiful up-and-coming entertainment news host Alison Scott results in her pregnancy; and chaos ensues. It has a good story, if somewhat predictable, running at a good pace with genuine heart and real laugh-out-loud moments no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Some of my favourite scenes in the movie are with Ben’s housemates, who are arguably even bigger bums than him. As with all of Apatow’s movies he can ensure excellent commeradary amongst a strong cast of comedians and a lot of ad-libbing makes the final cut. image

There’s a cute story that kicks off early into the movie whereby the biggest loser of the gang Martin agrees to a bet with his fellow housemates to not shave his beard for an entire year. If he can do so they will pay his rent for the period. It sounds easy but in between Chewbacca impressions and comparisons to a “late John Lennon” the insults thrown his way make it a particular difficult task for this young stoner:

“Cause your face looks like a vagina.”

“How’s it going Crockett, been hanging with Tubbs lately?”

“Was it weird when you changed your name from Cat Stevens to Yusef Islam?”

“See you later Scorcese on coke.”

“You weren’t chosen for a reason.”

Did you like these? The 40-Year-Old Virgin offers some even better ad-libbing, check it out:

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