We have just discovered a retro-style indie game for all the family! The game is called Demolition Crew and inspired by old NES games like Ice Climber and Wrecking Crew, with a touch of Wreck-It Ralph.

It’s not super hard and not super easy but made for those that enjoy a classic platformer. All the graphics and music is original and the game is written in C++ and SDL2. Currently there is 56 levels spread over 4 levels packs.


The game has no in-app purchase or ads. So buy once – play forever. Alternatively, there is a demo available with the first five levels.

Play alone against time and enemies to get to the top of different buildings and hit the bell to mark the building ready for demolition in this retro arcade game with classic NES vibes. On your way you will find blocked paths and vicious enemies that will try to stop you. Smash and blow your way through walls and obstacles to find your way to the top.

You can also play with a friend with the 2-player mode.


Valya and Sasha are two workers with different etnical backgrounds that have emigrated from Russia to USA to look for work in the construction business. They are lucky and find a job for a demolition company that demolish buildings. Their mission in each level is to go up through each building to make sure it is ready to be teared down. When they reach the top they ring a bell to signal to their bosses.

Sounds like an easy job, but they will encounter different enemies that try to stop them.

They earn extra cash by collecting all they coins that can be found scattered all around the building. You only have 150 seconds to complete each level. Do it faster and earn extra points.

When you see a switch you can bet that it needs to be activated to get the platforms to move. Sometimes it can be a cluster of switches that needs to be set in the correct order. But watch out! Some enemies tend to flip the switches when they pass them. Buttons is activated when you step on them or place a box on them.

Some items and switches can be hidden behind walls.


In multi-player mode, try to get to the top as fast as you can and grab the coins and stars before your friends does the same. You can work together with your friend OR instead race to the top and leave your friend in the dust together with all the enemies. If the second player falls behind to much he or she will respawn where you are at the moment but with less energy.

All power ups respawn after a couple of seconds so the second player also can grab them. The stars and coins does not.

Developed in Sweden by Jesper Kingvall. This indie project took 6 months to develop and another 6 months to polish and publish.

This game was featured in our last-minute buyers guide for Christmas!