It’s time for our #FridayReads pick! This week… The World According to Championship Manager 1997/98 – a brilliant book of nostalgia!

The World According to Championship Manager 1997/98

Released in December 2015, the book takes a unique look at the 1997/98 season as played out by the great game. An added bonus sees Black’s attempt to guide England to World Cup glory included. Football, Vindaloo & Michael Owen – World Cup ’98 Champ Man style!


The book is available in Paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon.

And lucky you – there’s a sequel too:

What’s brilliant is you can follow the progress of David and this alternative universe via the powers of the Internet! The blog is updated weekly, but be sure to also follow him on Twitter (where I discovered him via our own Video Games feed). Not only that but he talks you through how to run a copy of the classic game Championship Manager 1997/98 even using your fancy new computers via an MS DOS emulator, so you can have all the fun yourself too!

Looking for more 90’s nostalgia? And so how about trying our Top 30 songs of 1996?! The height of Britpop with Oasis, Blur, Suede et al. Trainspotting was released in cinemas… And England football team had their hearts broken by penalties… Sound familiar?

For more retrogaming fun, read our interview with the chaps at The Retro Hour podcast! A fantastic listen if you haven’t already!