Beyond The Music is a new global music conference and festival set to take place in Manchester, UK, from 11-14 October 2023.


As the music industry continues to shape and define global culture, it is also facing unprecedented and urgent challenges. In response, Beyond The Music aims to explore, define and tackle those issues to shape the future of the music industry. And turn the challenges into opportunities to overhaul and advance!


Taking place in Manchester – the beating heart of the UK’s cultural enterprise and a city historically known for social change. Beyond The Music will create a global forum and live festival. Defining the industry’s place in the new cultural economy by bringing together tech, AV, gaming, brands, and literature to build a creative alliance for the future. It’s a place to gather artists, entrepreneurs, creatives and industry professionals over the course of three days. Along with funders, businesses and organisations the aim is to maximise impact and take solutions to scale. All whilst putting the spotlight back on live entertainment and new world class artists.

The first edition of Beyond The Music will take place on 11-14 October 2023 across venues in and around the city. The global annual event will seek to not only solve the issues being faced today but to produce innovative models for the future.


At the heart of the festival will be four days of live music. Provided by the most exciting new and established artists from around the world. All alongside a series of conferences exploring The Past, The Present, The Future and The Summit. Identifying everything from the entrepreneurs who have aided in defining Manchester’s DNA to the new wave, the right to sustainability, ownership and equality within the industry. Also exploring how to find its place within the new cultural economy of tech, gaming, branding and film & TV.


The event will see grassroots and developing talent perform to brand new audiences. All taking place across 10 (TEN!) key venues in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and city centre. The Discovered series is a next generation focused showcase. Additionally this allows artists from across the globe the opportunity to perform at the festival.


Beyond The Music is founded by promoter and social enterprise founder Oli Wilson. Working alongside BTM Director Sarah Pearson, Founder of Wasted Youth Music, and Chair Rose Marley, CEO of Co-Operatives UK, and a committee that includes Michael Adex, CEO of NQ, and Jane Beese Director of Music at Factory International. With this event, Oli Wilson intends to build upon the foundations laid by his father Tony Wilson. A broadcaster, journalist, but significantly… The creator of Factory Records and the Hacienda nightclub, responsible for some of the world’s greatest musicians.


An impressive array of founding members have been brought together. This includes Mayor Andy Burnham (GMCA), Bev Craig leader of Manchester City Council, John McGrath Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Factory International and Vaughan Allen from CityCo. Also supported by a host of trade bodies, content creators and industry organisations. These organisations have swiftly signed up as members, ensuring this is the place for cooperation to implement true change.

Certainly, Beyond The Music aims to unify on a global scale. Delivering an international strategy through meaningful debate, necessary decision making, inspiring talks and unforgettable live music for all!