Beetlejuice is the UK’s favourite monster movie ever – beating Ghostbusters and The Shining to the top spot, new data shows.


Spooks and Chill looks into data behind IMDb’s list of the ultimate Halloween flicks. And now, we can reveal what’s really worth watching over the spooky season!

Interestingly Psycho, which is the highest-rated film with an IMDb score of 8.5/10, only comes in seventh place.


The UK has good taste when it comes to Halloween hits! This is because Beetlejuice holds a respectable rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb. And the film is placed eighth overall behind The Nightmare Before Christmas and Evil Dead II when it’s critic score is measured against running time.

However, in terms of which creepy classics should be skipped, Evil Dead II along with and The Little Shop of Horrors prove the least popular around the world. Village of the Damned and The Amityville Horror have the lowest IMDb ratings.


It will be a very different Halloween this year given the Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK this Halloween. But fear not film fans, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s plenty of creepy content to get through. It would take a staggering 88 hours to watch the top 50 movies alone! That equates to just under four days, or 5,280 minutes!

Looking at the figures behind the most popular Halloween film franchises shows that Final Destination offers the best critical score for the overall running time. Final Destination 2 is considered the best flick, but Final Destination 3 holds the lowest score in the series.


For those who are able to get dressed up to mark the holiday, the top costume picks in the UK come out as Godzilla, Jigsaw and Dracula. Other global favourites include Frankenstein, Pennywise and the Gremlins.

If you’d prefer to dress up as something a little less frightening, the most popular blockbuster characters around the world include Batman, Iron Man and James Bond. But the UK seems to prefer intrepid explorers with the nation’s top pick coming out as Indiana Jones.


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