Marketing has evolved in recent years, and digital marketing has taken precedence over traditional marketing methods for a vast array of businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, without any marketing or a decent marketing budget (typically, this is recommended to be around 3-5% of your forecasted turnover), your business will struggle to gain the visibility and custom it needs to become sustainable.

But what type of marketing is best for your business? While digital marketing should make up a substantial part of your marketing, traditional methods are still viable and effective for different types of companies. This post will look at what you can implement into your marketing campaign to help you boost it.


Never underestimate the power a freebie can have. These days, most people are likely to share their purchases and finds online with their followers. Not just content creators or influencers. But regular consumers too. Adding a freebie to their order and encouraging them to share and tag you online can help you add to your digital marketing efforts and give you UGC (user-generated content) you can also share across your channels. Freebies can be anything related to your business.

Free sweets or samples, or you can Print Tarot Cards with your branding on them to send to your customers… You can add in free products or anything relating to their purchase to sweeten the deal and improve customer service and marketing in one fell swoop!

Radio Ad

Most people listen to the radio in the background while they are working or driving. The latest RAJAR figures show that over 49 million people still listen to the radio (Radio 2 is the most listened-to station in the UK currently).

Finding a local radio station with good listening figures and getting an ad on the station can help you boost your visibility… And get people to hear about your product! While you can’t always niche down in the audience, ads are sent out to all listeners. They will still be effective, and marketers agree that radio ads hold their own and can be effective for many businesses. Plus, if you manage to come up with a catchy jingle, even better! Earworms are what you need for radio ads.

Vehicle Marketing

Does your business use cars or vans? Then, you need each one to adorn your business details or logo. Millions of drivers are on the road each day… And even small local businesses need to get from A to B! While you’re doing so, people can see your business name and what you do during your travel time. Should they need your services, they will remember they saw you and look you up!

That’s the idea, anyway. Plus, this is a relatively low-cost marketing method as you already have the vehicles. You just need to add the film on. For local businesses, this is an excellent way of boosting visibility and increasing enquiries and searches for your company and isn’t something to be overlooked.

Marketing for your business isn’t a one-size-fits-all job… It needs to be carefully planned out and utilise many different avenues to boost your profile and put your business in front of people who need to see it. These three options can be excellent ways of doing just that.