We’re going to indulge in 2 of our favourite things now, presenting to you The Simpsons’ Beatles! We’re living in the age of the crossover, with things you wouldn’t believe coming together in a nerd’s fantasy somewhere but what’s more – most of them are working! Be it a Batman Continue reading THE SIMPSONS’ BEATLES


Nothing soothes the soul better than the sun. Except maybe music. Combine the two and you’re onto a winner. I’ll set the scene… It’s 5pm, the sun is lowering and there’s an orange glow on everything it touches. It’s still warm and it’s one of those days that seems to Continue reading THE WARMEST SONG INTROs


If you have kids then you’ll know how they can be repetitive. I don’t mean that to sound bad, what I mean is they thrive on routine and if you give them something that they like, they’ll do it again and again until it’s no fun any more and you Continue reading ONE FOR THE KIDS


I’m somebody who likes to make a good playlist and in terms of themes the best ones are for my summer holidays, or alternatively during the festive period. Basically when I’m not going to be attending work for a significant length of time. As these events come around every year Continue reading BLOWING HOT & COLD

Meet The Team

Joni : This guy is our resident geek, he likes his explosions but he’d prefer to be watching from the safety of his own home… Film: The Matrix (1999) – The Wachowskis Music: OK Computer (1997) – Radiohead Book: Fatherland (1992) – Robert Harris       Una : She finds it Continue reading Meet The Team