SONGS INSPIRED BY BOOKS PLAYLIST If you are a regular visitor to you will know we specialise in movies, music, video games and… books! So how about a books playlist? Admittedly, some of us round ‘ere like the idea of reading rather than actually doing it. The idea includes Continue reading BOOKS PLAYLIST


The Futureheads are back in Manchester and we are here to interview them! They are bringing their new electric album Powers (“Judas!”) to the Ritz on Sunday 15th December alongside their much-loved self-titled debut 15 years on since it was first released, it promises to be a very special gig. Continue reading THE FUTUREHEADS: INTERVIEW


So I’m here to elaborate on my previous point of how a cover version or remix of a song can be better than the original. It’s up for debate whether these are an improvement but I’ll keep it simple and list some examples that prove that it can work and Continue reading COVERS AND REMIXES