This 3-piece made up of sisters from sunny L.A. showed up on Andrew Marr’s BBC Sunday morning political show after he had interviewed then British Prime Minister David Cameron, and announced that their performance was dedicated to “Dave”. The song was ok, and they looked cool mainly on the back Continue reading IF I COULD CHANGE YOUR MIND

TOP 30 SONGS OF 2017

2017 hit lofty heights and delivered some devastating blows as once again music was at the centre of everything that happened, both good and bad. The tradition here at The Journalix towers, is for Joni, Una and Alix to give you 10 songs each. Nobody can step on anybody else’s Continue reading TOP 30 SONGS OF 2017


“And so, the time is near – and so I face the final curtain…” Yes 2014 is over, but just because it’s long gone, it doesn’t mean we forget about all the great things that happened? No, we’re here to celebrate all of the great music that came out in Continue reading #PLAYLIST FOR 2014