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What went wrong with The Matrix sequels?

First of all, what went right? Well the freeway chase, as long as it is, is fantastic.

Very cool idea with the apparating twins too which played out some awesome scenes. As unreal as it felt that you’d be able to escape from them – that’s the sign of a good baddie – and Neo does it in style. It did seem strange to use twins though as the duplication thing with Mr Smith later provided enough of that, although maybe there’s something symbolic in there that I’m missing.

It was a poor decision to release them so close together. As somebody who was anticipating these sequels like nothing else before I was hugely disappointed by the 2nd movie. So much so I didn’t see
the 3rd in the cinema, instead choosing to catch it on DVD, once my intrigue and interest had recovered. Just think if the same had been applied to the making of these? A little breather to reflect and review on what worked in a sequel. It might have turned out as a “more of the same” but I bet we would have all been happier with a more satisfying ending than the drivel they churned out.

The tribal scenes outside of the Matrix = shite.

The coolest parts of the original was to see what somebody could do inside our world with special features. A level up on all of us. Essentially a superhero before Marvel redefined what that meant for Hollywood. That guy was Neo. The war outside was boring and always secondary. If I think about it now the whole “son of God” thing with Neo is lame, just like the most boring parts of a superhero movie is learning about his motivations. It’s important, don’t get me wrong, but it’s filler before we see him kick ass. So park it.

The sex scene was also a bit much. Call me old fashioned but it was unneccessary and felt very much like it was included for all those geeks out there not getting laid and scratching around (in the same old hole…) hoping that the fantasy girl they chat to online on the other side of the world is not in fact a 53 year old fella from down the road.
The same could be said for the orgasm scene in the restaurant but then that did help flesh out this digital world in another fashion.

The key keeper was a cute idea and it was neat that we had a secret door not accessible to us muggles. The slo-mo bike jump and window smash was so fucking cool, especially in preview and once we had learned the consequences for Trinity. But what lay behind the door was hugely disappointing. Chat bollocks about an all-seeing all-conquering god like figure, fate and all that bullshit.

Yeah, we didn’t get it either.

I think the most disappointing thing overall was that with all these things added on to the original film, it felt like a different set of writers and directors and yet that simply was not the case. Maybe expectation became too great? The Wachowski’s have gone on to prove they’re good at complicating plots to great measure, but here they had a winning formula and cast that just needed guiding in to chapter 2. If we’ve learnt anything from the past 10 years of Marvel and Star Wars universe releases it’s that it is ok to leave the book open. To never resolve the cliffhanger and let things go unexplained. I was always disappointed with the ending of the Wizard of Oz, the journey of discovery was always the best part and I can’t help feeling the same here.

There’s still time to go back. Just saying.

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