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If you’re a retrogamer like our Joni then you’d agree that a handy feature on some consoles is the ability to be backwards compatible – specifically the hardware. Simply being able to play your old games on your new console. That’s the perfect way to support RETROGAMING!

His first experience of this was when learning you could play your original PlayStation games on your brand-spanking new PlayStation 2! Some consoles go to greater effort; the most common example is the first version of the Nintendo Wii which included a full GameCube hidden inside. Just lift the flap at the top and you’d find the controller ports and memory card slots!


Another handy feature in some consoles is being able to play foreign imports. Now some gamers like to modify their consoles (this was called being “chipped” in the old days) and make them do all sorts of tricks but for those of us clean-living types – who still keep the box the console came in – it’s good to know which of the major consoles released in the UK, are region free? Well looky here:

Nintendo Entertainment System1986PALNone
SEGA Master System1987PALNone
SEGA Mega Drive1988PALNone
Super Nintendo Entertainment System1992PALGame Boy, Game Boy Color (with adaptor)
Sony PlayStation 11994PALNone
SEGA Saturn1995PALNone
Nintendo 641997PALNone
Nintendo Game Boy Color1998FreeGame Boy
SEGA Dreamcast1999PALNone
Sony PlayStation 22000PALPlayStation 1
Nintendo GameCube2001PALGame Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (with adaptor)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance2001FreeGame Boy, Game Boy Color
Microsoft Xbox2002PALNone
Microsoft Xbox 3602005PALXbox
Nintendo DS2005FreeGame Boy Advance
Sony PlayStation Portable2005FreeNone
Sony PlayStation 32006FreePlayStation 1
Nintendo Wii2006PALGameCube
Nintendo 3DS2011FreeDS
Nintendo Wii U2012PALWii
Sony PlayStation Vita2012FreeNone
Microsoft Xbox One2013FreeXbox, Xbox 360
Sony PlayStation 42013FreeNone
Nintendo Switch2017FreeNone
Microsoft Xbox Series X2020FreeXbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Sony PlayStation 52020FreePlayStation 4

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