I’m somebody who likes to make a good playlist and in terms of themes the best ones are for my summer holidays, or alternatively during the festive period. Basically when I’m not going to be attending work for a significant length of time.

As these events come around every year and I’ve been doing this for a while now, I add to and refine the list at all opportunities. Sometimes something new comes along that is clearly going to be an all-time classic and at other times you discover that long lost tune that takes you back to your younger years.

One thing I’ve noticed is when you get a musician who either thinks the same way as me, or is a big-fat-old-smelly-money-grabber. In this case I’m going with the former as these guys rightly appear on both my summer and Christmas playlists and for that reason alone I’m affording them leniency and praise for being such talented music people:

  • Chris Rea
    • Christmas – Driving Home For Christmas
    • Summer – On The Beach
  • George Michael
    • Christmas – Last Christmas
    • Summer – Club Tropicana
  • Paul McCartney
    • Christmas – Wonderful Christmastime
    • Summer – Bluebird

I’m not including the Beach Boys because Little Saint Nick, etc., and quite frankly ANY Beach Boys song still makes me think of the summer. Also, it works out nicely that it takes 3 Brits to make this list complete, maybe it says something about the British, that holidays are a very precious thing to the hard-working residents of those lonely islands? And also that they produce the very best music? Well that’s just a FACT. But the main reason for not including the Beach Boys in this list is that I’m just not one for eating roast turkey whilst wearing my swimming shorts and I think that’s fair enough?

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